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amenhaters's Journal

Amenlover Haters
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All Members , Moderated
This is a support community to those who hate Amenlover and/or his message ... or what-th-fuck, even if you like the guy, come on in anyway.

It's an open community but I think I'll follow pimple-boy's lead and keep anonymous posters out - too hostile when people post anonymously, and they're usually unimaginative anyway.

If you know anyone who wants to slap this dick-leak as bad as I do, tell them about our community.

ALSO --- I want to fill the interests section with a collective list of our favorite performers, so email me with a list of your 5 all-time favorite singers or bands, and I'll add them.

The list should get pretty eclectic, since we're bound to have a lot of varied tastes. I started the list with Beastie Boys, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Philip Glass and Talking Heads. (We're allowed 150 interests total.)
a fetish for psychos, a new found glory, a perfect circle, agnes poetry, aimee mann, ak1200, alanis morissette, alkaline trio, android lust, ani difranco, arlibido, bach, backstreet boys, bauhaus, beastie boys, belle and sebastian, ben folds five, bettie serveert, bikini kill, billy idol, bjork, blink 182, bob dylan, britney spears, cardigans, chiasm, chris isaak, christina aguilera, coal chamber, coil, cold, controlled bleeding, cowboy junkies, crass, cyphon, david bowie, dead can dance, deadsy, deftones, delta 9, die form, dieselboy, dire straits, eagles, elliott smith, elvis costello, enya, factory 81, fear factory, fiona apple, fleetwood mac, front line assembly, garbage, genitorturers, godsmack, guster, hole, icp, incubus, jeff buckley, john lennon, john williams, johnny cash, jonathan larson, journey, judas priest, kate bush, kittie, korn, lacrimosa, leonard cohen, letters to cleo, linkin park, lisa loeb, loreena mckennitt, lucinda williams, lush, madonna, malice mizer, marilyn manson, metallica, mindless self indulgence, monolithic son, monty python, mr. crowes garden, muse, n'sync, nanci griffith, nin, nina simone, nine inch nails, nirvana, nofx, oi polloi, pearl jam, pedro the lion, philip glass, pink floyd, placebo, poe, primer 55, prince, pulp, queensryche, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstein, rem, rent, right said fred, rufus wainwright, scatman john, screamin' jay hawkins, shadows fall, siouxsie and the banshees, sir mix-a-lot, slayer, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, soul coughing, stabbing westward, staind, static-x, steely dan, sting, sum 41, sunfish, talking heads, tattle tale, tegan & sara, the aphex twin, the beatles, the casualties, the cure, the exploited, the pixies, the police, the smiths, theodora 'doccovington' roglev, tool, tori amos, trent reznor, twiztid, u2, unloco, vast, victoria williams, weird al, wumpscut