scott (barbarianzombie) wrote in amenhaters,

to anyone who already placed an order for cds

well i'm the same person whose dad has been out of work for the past two months and has been racking up the medical expenses. today i got an offer from someone to buy all of my cds i have for sale. i'm really tempted to take the person up on this offer. if i decide to take them up on the offer you wont get the cds you told me you wanted. i really want to gget all you guys the cds you wanted but this offer is really really tempting. if i do take them up on this offer i will not take your money. if i do take them up on this offer i hope you guys understand that i'm doing this for the sake of my family and that you will completely understand that this is a damn good offer and its extremely hard to pass up on such a good offer. if i do accept this offer (i'm still considering whether i should or not) i would just like to thank everyone that ordered cds and that i'm sorry that you didnt get the cds you wanted.

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