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what the feck?!

i'm going to post a copy of what i posted in my own journal a few moments ago, because i find this UTTERLY ridiculous lol...

can you BELIEVE that some religious people place homosexuals in the same category of evil as child molesters and murderers?? jaysus! lol... if god is love, then shouldn't he/she/it love everyone no matter what? if hes the most forgiving, all seeing, most evolved person?

i just can't believe people consider homosexuality so evil. its beyond me.


who does this spa think he is??

i must say that THIS is funny though lol....

"The message is clear when God said in his Holy Bible that He so loved the world that he sent His Son Jesus to die for us sinners and created the everlasting torment of HELL to deal with the murderers and homosexuals and child molesters and liberal Democrats..."

haha.... liberal democrats. oh no!!
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